Mel and Scott McDonald

mel mcdonald

Mel has been involved in sport for most of her life and has a strong desire to give back through coaching and by helping athletes achieve their goals.  She is particularly passionate about introducing new people to running and living a healthy and active lifestyle.  Mel has worked with runners of all abilities and over numerous distances on road and trail ranging from 5k through to 100k ultras.  As well as coaching, Mel loves competing.

Qualifications: Athletics Australia Accredited Coach: Level 1 Community Athletics Coach, Level 2 Intermediate Recreational Running Coach, Level 3 Performance Development Coach.


  • Marathon PB of 2.51 at Gold Coast Marathon
  • 2019 Cadbury’s Marathon 2.56.17
  • 2018 Six Foot Track: 4th overall female: 4.07
  • Bay to Bay Running Festival 5k 1st overall female 2019, 12k 1st female 2014
  • 2019 Ultra Trail Australia 11k: 4th female overall, 1st 40-49
  • 2015 City to Surf 14k: 53.43. 1st 40-49 and 15th overall female
  • Australian Ironman Finisher x 5, World Ironman Triathlon Championships Hawaii

scott mcdonald

Scott has experience coaching junior sports and has been involved in cricket, rugby league and triathlon, before moving onto running.  He loves coaching, particularly the Wednesday night interval group and also his kids who are regulars at Park Run, along with their dog.  

Qualifications: Athletics Australia Accredited Coach: Level 1 Run Leader, Level 2 Intermediate Recreational Run Coach.


  • 5 x Ironman Triathlon Finisher with a PB of 9.35.14
  • World Ironman Triathlon Championships, Hawaii
  • Sydney Marathon & Western Sydney Marathon

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